There are occasions when a person is not able to get into their driveway because thay are blocked by an unidentified, unauthorized vehicle. The owners of the obstruction are not visible, and the property owner is left waiting to see if anyone shows up to move the vehicle. Calling the police is a good idea, but there are papers to be filled out, and the person has to show proof of property ownership, and that must be verified while still continuing to wait. The license plate of the abandoned vehicle has to be run, and still you wait.

Similar things can happen to people in private homes, apartment parking lots, or parking that is designated for business customers only. Calling a All Brauns Towing service will eliminate the wait process, and get results much faster. If a vehicle is not authorized to be parked in a certain area. or parking space, calling a tow company that is legally authorized to handle such matters can save a lot of time. All Brauns Towing will file all necessary paper work with the proper authorities, leaving property owners without the hassle of being involved with much of the legalities.

Our services extends to any unlawfully parked car, truck, sports utility vehicle, or box trailer. All signs that specifically label a property as private, or what or whom can park there is part of our service agenda. Honored signs include:

  • Private property signs
  • Reserved parking signs
  • Fire Lane, no parking signs
  • Employee Parking Only signs
  • No Parking Anytime signs
  • Customer only signs

All vehicles towed by our company will be done so at the owners expense. The property owner will at no time assume the responsibility of payment, or liability in any circumstance.

All Brauns Towing is a twenty four hour, seven days per week tow service. Our drivers are experienced in the industry, and friendly and respectful in their communication with the public, and private property owners. If your property does not have legal signage, we also have signs that we can install that meet all legal requirements. We also offer onsite services like unlocking a vehicle, jump starting a battery, delivering fuel, and changing a tire.

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